Music Production and Recording

Shaun Cahoon is a music producer and engineer specializing in contemporary and religious genres; scores also composed and arranged for theater and broadcast. He has a love for classic sound, yet takes advantage of technology to achieve impressive results.

Press the play button below to hear samples.

  1. Arise and Shine Like a Light upon a Hill Andrew Hawryluk, Shaun Cahoon and CTYC Choir 4:11
  2. Stars Were Gleaming Shaun Cahoon 2:02
  3. Silent Night Andrew Hawryluk 1:05
  4. PumpJack Blues Renee Boemer, Shaun Cahoon feat. LDS Calgary South Stake Youth 2:55
  5. Helen Original Text: Lord Byron, Arranged Performed Alan Cahoon 3:55


Here are some before and after examples.

  1. Pumpjack Blues Before Renee Boemer 3:03
  2. Pumpjack Blues After Renee Boemer, Shaun Cahoon 2:55
  3. Grisley Crew Before - Apologies to J.M. Barrie Musical Meg Hudson, Rebecca Gorham 0:32
  4. Grisley Crew After - Apologies to J.M. Barrie Musical Meg Hudson, Rebecca Gorham, Shaun Cahoon 1:34

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